How Do I Give?

How Do I Give?

We Believe

God gave it all for us on the cross, our only response should be that of heartfelt worship, giving back with a cheerful heart, all that is His anyway. As we worship authentically and consistently not only with our tithes, but our time, relationship with God, and devotions, we can begin to see a transformation in our lives. In the day to day we can see the peace, grace, and plan God has for us. God is consistently faithful and sufficient when we put Him at the center of our life. As you worship and let God transform you, be mindful that McLane Church is totally dependent on voluntary contributions. We challenge you to give not based on a percentage but to what God has truly asked of you.

What It Means For Us

McLane Church is almost entirely dependent on the voluntary contributions of our members to fund our mission. Your willingness to give freely of your resources enables the work of Christ’s church to continue in this region. May God richly bless you for your generosity.

Don’t know what to give?
Use our helpful Tithe Calculator to get you started