Need more info?

How long does a service last?
Most of our weekend gatherings last about an hour and feature music, announcements and a message. Good Friday is usually a bit shorter.

Is there any food available?
We always have complimentary coffee and a meal at our worship services, so join us for breakfast on Easter Sunday. But a meal will not be served after our Good Friday services.

What do I wear?
There is no dress code. You will see everything from jeans to dress clothes. Wear whatever makes you comfortable.

How do I find the online service?
Check the home page of our website and mobile app. We always post a link on Facebook as well. And you can find us on demand on our website, app and YouTube.

What about my kids?
On Good Friday, McLane Kids will have programming for nursery through elementary kids in Edinboro. Nursery and preschool will be available in Union City.

On Easter Sunday, elementary kids are invited into the worship service. Nursery and preschool will be open for the younger children.

What if I have other questions?
Just call the church office at 814-734-1907 and we will be glad to answer all of your questions!