Mclane Church

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Volunteer & Service Opportunities

There are many ways to serve not only our church, but also our community.

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Be a Life Group Leader

Listen to some of our current small group leaders tell their stories about the impact leading has had on their lives.

Contact Tavia Kelly at to learn more about being a small group leader.

Serve in McLane Kids

Contact Jane Chesley at to learn more about serving in McLane Kids.

Volunteer in Worship & Production

In McLane Church Worship & Production, we love to bring on new volunteers.  Whether you're musically inclined and would like to audition for the band or you'd like to help out in the production booth, please let us know.  We take what we do seriously - but not ourselves - and we have a blast serving the Lord together.

Contact Brian Spence at to learn more about serving in Worship & Production.