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Talk It Over

You can view the latest "Talk It Over" worksheet to use personally or with your Life Group.

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Help! I have a PARENT!

Help I Have a Parent graphic reduced

Week 1: Connect & Direct

Week 2: Facing Giants

Week 3: Making the Move

Week 4: Answering Your Questions



Renovating the Church

Renovating The Church   Series Artwork   August September 2019 REDUCED

Week 1: A Different Kind of Place

Week 2: A Place of Hope

Week 3: A Place of Community

Week 4: A Place of Serving

Week 5: Put Away

Week 6: Put Away, Pt. 2

Week 7: Stand


McLane at the Movies

 McLane at the Movies

Week 1: The Greatest Showman

Week 2: Unbroken

Week 3: Christopher Robin

Week : Legos 2

Week 5: Napoleon Dynamite

Week 6: Avengers Endgame



Disappointed in Life & God 

Disappointed in Life & God


 Lamentations Week 1 - Talk It Over


Lamentations Week 2 - Talk It Over


Lamentations Week 3 - Talk It Over 


Lamentations Week 4 - Talk It Over


Lamentations Week 5 - Talk It Over