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The Characters of Christmas - Advent Study


Note: The following material was excerpted from "The People of the Nativity," a study from


Our 2017 Advent sermon series, The Characters of Christmas, included the following messages:

December 2/3: Mary

  • From one generation to another, Mary has been known as the mother of God. She was the one who gave birth to Jesus Christ, who was fully human and fully divine, God's own son. What was God doing, and why did he choose Mary to do it?

December 9/10: Joseph

  • Most people know who Joseph was in the Christmas story. But most don't know him very well. He is often treated a bit like the father of the bride in a wedding—nobody notices him, but he has to pay for the whole affair. Christmas cost Joseph a great deal.

December 16/17: The Wise Men

December 23/24: The Shepherds

  • Shepherds were on the lowest rung of society. They commanded little respect and had no wealth or prestige. But in their tasks, they exemplified how the Savior of the world would treat his people.


Use the links above to access the small group study for three of these four messages (we do not have a study for The Wise Men). You may use them in whichever order best fits your group's plan for the month of December. We would suggest using one of your meetings to have a Christmas celebration and do something different to enjoy the season and your friendships.