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Updated Life Group Worship 2020

The full McLane Church Worship experience is here. Use this week's Order of Worship by scanning the QR code or printing a copy here. McLane Church is united in worship but unique in experience!

LGW   February 14

Order of Worship: Week of February 13 - 19, 2021



2-3 minutes.
1) A warm, friendly welcome. Loud enough so everyone can hear you.
2) Logistics that are important for everyone. (i.e. bathroom and water location, agenda for the worship experience) Anything that might be important for everyone to feel comfortable.
3) A transition and call to worship. Keep it tight and focused.



The songs are chosen in keeping with this week’s sermon, along with soundtrack and lyrics.
(If you prefer live worship, we will be glad to make our chord charts available by request. Or you may request a worship leader through our resource page. Songs are the prayers of our heart; often more life changing than spoken word. So sing loud. Sing often.

God So Loved Goodness of God Song Lyrics


These are important announcements for the whole church to hear. These keep us unified and supporting McLane Church.

AnnouncementsImmerse Beginnings

Offering & Prayer

This segment is a nice transition to the sermon.
There are three ways to give. Please mention these rather than collecting money at your worship experience. No need to feel funny about this. It is a “spiritual act of worship” which we believe changes each giver for the better.
The prayer is written by our worship leaders, serving as a model on how to pray and uniting McLane Church in heart and mind.

Offering & Prayer


 For Life Group Worship, please use the video or the audio for this week’s sermon.

Sermon VideoSermon Audio

Talk It Over

Questions are prepared each week and are designed to prompt insights, questions, and the life experience of each listener. If these are used immediately following the sermon, it would be much the same as what was done in Israel at the time of the early church.
For the sake of time, you may want to choose one or two questions.

Talk It Over

Concluding Prayer

This is a blessing or benediction to both conclude the service and send people out to do good in the week ahead.


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