Mclane Church

Connect to God’s Word at Home

Say the Bible verse together.

Romans 14:19 NIRV

"So let us do all we can to live in peace. And let us work hard to build up one another."


Use the questions below to talk about the lesson

  1. Which would you rather play: Ping-pong, Go Fish, or Checkers?
  2. Are you more likely to join in on fights or try to get away from fights? Answers will vary.
  3. What might help you calm down and feel God’s peace if other people are fighting? Answers will vary. Ideas: Taking deep breaths, praying, exercising, talking with a trusted adult or friend, remembering a Bible verse about peace, thinking of a safe place, etc. 
  4. What do you think it means to live in peace? Answers will vary.


Put what you learned into action this week

  1. What advice would you give to someone who is fighting with a sibling?
  2. Name one thing you can do this week to help build up someone in your family.


Pray Together

Share things you’d like to pray about. Write down the prayer requests on paper or in a journal and place them in a common area of your home as a reminder to pray throughout the week. 

Pray together over the requests and end with the following prayer:

“God, thank You for giving us peace, even if the people around us are fighting. Please help us to build others up. In Jesus’ name, amen.”